Zenith Building Group understands that safety, function and appearance are of concern to members of both the public and tenants in various government housing (DoH) (OCH) (AHO) and often require dependable, responsive and industry skilled trades people who comprehend the situation and are able to perform and complete the service with absolute minimal disruption to the public and/or tenants in community and government property. We also understand the sensitivities of working in regional areas.

Zenith Building Group understands:

  • Safety – We provide no fuss, rapid response to rectify problems which pose imminent or potential danger.
  • Function – Restoring any component to their original intended purpose.
  • Appearance – Whether erasing graffiti and obscene markings, or preparing and recoating aged paint, we can improve any surface or material to an aesthetically pleasing condition.

We also understand and adhere to the Basic Model Asset Provision Standards as set out by the State Department of Asset Standards.